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When do teeth erupt?

The process of tooth eruption in a person's life occurs at different stages throughout the period from childhood to adolescence. Here are the ages at which teeth typically erupt:

Milk Teeth (Milk Teeth):

  • Incisors (6-10 Months):  Babies usually have their front incisors (front upper and lower teeth) when they are 6-10 months old.

  • Canine Teeth (16-20 Months):  Then at 16-20 months the canine teeth (lateral incisors) appear.

  • Side and Milk Molars (14-24 Months):  After the lateral incisors, the side molars appear at the age of 14-24 months.

Permanent Teeth:

  • 6 Year Old Teeth (6 Year Old):  At the age of 6, the first permanent molars (6 year old teeth) in the lower and upper jaw erupt.

  • Canines and First Molars (8-12 Years):  In the next stage, between the ages of 8-12, canines and first permanent molars erupt.

  • 2nd Molars and 3rd Molars (Ages 12-25):  Second molars and third molars erupt between the ages of 12-25.

Wisdom Teeth (Age 20):  Between the ages of 18-25, third molars, often called "wisdom teeth", erupt. However, in some people, these teeth may not erupt at all or in a limited way.

The tooth eruption process may be different for each individual and these age ranges are general guidelines. The tooth eruption process may vary depending on factors such as genetic factors, nutritional habits and the general health status of the individual. If there are any abnormalities or delays, it is important to consult a dentist.

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