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Merve Altuntas

Prosthodontist and Aesthetic Dentist


Özgü Kolcu

Diş Hekimi

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Erim Bozkurt

Gum Diseases and Treatment

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Melike Önay

Çocuk Diş Hekimi Uzmanı

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Tugce Kocak Bozkurt


Our Team


We are extremely pleased with Mrs. Merve. We met by chance. We had root canal treatment, 2-3 fillings. My daughter overcame her dentist phobia with Ms. Merve. Very patient, very caring. My daughter ran next to her. She doesn't think anything about teeth. Her communication and conversation with us was good. My daughter loved her, I recommend her to everyone. Extremely good, I recommend her to everyone. I also have friends who have gone. Although her field was not for children, she was very close and caring towards children, even though she had only worked with children a few times. My daughter's existing complaints were resolved with treatment. We are at ease, now we say that there is Ms. Merve in a possible situation.
I met Ms. Merve after the dentist I went to regularly closed during the pandemic period. My procedure, which started as a simple root canal treatment at first, turned into a process that almost every dentist in the polyclinic came to see once, due to the different root/canal structure of my tooth. She was very interested, explanatory and patient in the bridge, single tooth veneer and tooth cleaning processes that I had done both in this process and afterwards. While taking measurements, she took it by checking it many times. That's why we still continue my remaining transactions with her. I sincerely recommend.
An extremely smiling and patient physician, an excellent prosthesis specialist does not send him home with any work that will make him unhappy in terms of aesthetics and function, and when the treatment process is over, he teaches you to smile not only with your teeth but with your whole body. I can say that everyone who wants a happy treatment process should choose it. He is a very funny and chirpy doctor. I was very satisfied. Due to my aesthetic concerns, I applied and had brand new teeth with his expert opinion. I constantly exchange ideas, decide together, and have aesthetic and useful teeth. Thank you very much Merve Altuntaş for this.
Our adventure, which started with cleaning teeth with Ms. Merve, continued with veneer and 3 fillings. Thanks to her devoted, sincere and trusting approach, I regained my oral health, which I had postponed for years. I was very pleased with every application she made. Endless thanks to Ms. Merve and her team. I definitely recommend her to everyone.
We went when my daughter was 5 years old. She was really patient, maybe they wouldn't have bothered if we had gone elsewhere. My daughter was scared, but thanks to Merve Hanım, she was caring and patient. We were satisfied. We came with a toothache. Had to have root canal treatment. Root canal treatment was started. It's fine right now. She informed us in a very understandable way. We recommend her to other patients.
Thank you, I am very satisfied. I had root canal treatment and filling. I also had a porcelain tooth done next to the root canal treatment. I was informed in detail about my complaint and treatment. My treatment was very good, I do not have any problems. I'm thinking of coming back for a different dental treatment in the near future. Thanks to Ms. Merve.
An extremely smiling and patient dentist, an excellent prosthesis specialist does not send you home with any work that will make her unhappy in terms of aesthetics and function, and when the treatment process is over, she teaches you to smile not only with your teeth but with your whole body. I can say that everyone who wants a happy treatment process should choose her. She is a very funny and chirpy dentist. I was very satisfied. Due to my aesthetic concerns, I applied and had brand new teeth with her expert opinion. I constantly exchanged ideas, decided together, and now have aesthetic and useful teeth. Thank you very much Merve Altuntaş for this.
I had Ms. Merve had a tooth done. I have had zirconium crown, root canal treatment and tooth extraction. I didn't have any problems afterwards. I loved her very much. Her behavior towards the patient is excellent.
I was very satisfied with the procedures I had at Merve Hanım, she gives me confidence. You do not need to search for a second doctor. We will come to her in our next procedures. I had my wisdom tooth extracted, my gum was cut. I had my teeth cleaned. He also made all of my mother's prosthetic teeth and porcelain veneers. My mother's teeth were perfect. Eating and drinking is fine now.
Ms. Merve is a wonderful dentist, I am very satisfied with my teeth. Before starting operation with my teeth, I was informed. A prosthesis was made with a hard veneer. Fixed prosthesis on the top and removable prosthesis on the bottom were made. My treatment is over, I can use my teeth easily.
I am very pleased with Mr. Erim, I thank him very much. I had cysts at the bottom of my teeth, they were removed with surgery. He had a very nice tooth extraction. He did it meticulously without getting hurt. I've been to different places before, I went with fear, but I was very satisfied with Mr. Erim. I had 5 implants. It's been 1 month and I didn't feel any pain in any way. I was very satisfied with everything.
Erim Bey's hand was very light. I had 4 wisdom teeth extracted. I didn't feel any pain, he did it very professionally. He informed clearly and explanatoryly before the procedure. He talked about the things to be applied. The dental calculus was cleaned. He is a doctor I will prefer again because I like him.
I went to him for my impacted wisdom tooth and my 80% broken tooth. A doctor I went to before said to pull 2 teeth and put the implant immediately. Mr. Erim explained in great detail that this procedure would force me, that the healing process would be delayed, and what consequences it would have for me in the long run. It is good that I listened to Erim Bey. He gives directions by considering the patient's comfort and the process. He asked how I was after the procedure. Interested. His approach to the patient, his interest and patient follow-up are great. From now on, I will continue with him in every problem. I was very very satisfied.
I went for wisdom tooth extraction. It pulled smoothly. My recovery process was also comfortable. A doctor who cares about the patient. A physician who explains his procedures in detail and gives instant information. I have another wisdom tooth extraction. I will still prefer Erim Bey.
I had two tooth extractions and two fillings and I am very satisfied. First of all, he is a person who respects his work. While I really thought that tooth extraction was very difficult for me, his hand was very light. I didn't understand how he pulled it anyway. The clinic was very clean. He is a very kind, naive gentleman. I directed both my mother and my friends to him.
Erim Bey is one of the best dentists I have ever seen. He is talented and very good at his job. I entrust myself and my family completely to Mr. Erim. I never thought of entrusting it to a different doctor. Teeth cleaning and filling procedures were performed. I was satisfied with the transactions.
Because of the problem in my gums, I was examined by Mr. Erim. He is a doctor who is an expert in his field, properly and explains in a way that makes his patient comfortable. He completed my gingival operation and calculus cleaning painlessly. I was satisfied with him. I can recommend Erim Bey to everyone. Despite his young age, he is an expert physician.
I was generally satisfied with Mr. Erim. He was very successful in his interest in and informing the patient. Teeth cleaning was done. I was satisfied with the treatment given.
Mr. Erim solved my problems related to my gums. He did my dental calculus cleaning and wisdom tooth extraction. He is a light handed, very good physician. I recommend Erim Bey to everyone.
Mr. Erim is a very kind and successful doctor. He did my filling and root canal treatment. I was satisfied with the treatments performed. He informed and took care of himself before and after the procedure.
I was very unhappy with my teeth. I went to Ms. Tuğçe for wire treatment and my treatment lasted for 1.5 years. Everyone who saw my finished teeth was amazed. He always comforted me with his interest and care at every appointment. I can't thank him enough for giving me a free smile. A good doctor is also like a friend. I recommend it to everyone, you are in good hands
A. K.
About 6 months ago, I started orthodontic treatment with transparent plaque. I had the opportunity to meet Tugce Hanim through an acquaintance, I had no prior knowledge of the process and this application. He made me feel very comfortable and gave me confidence. Maybe I wouldn't have started this treatment if it weren't for Mrs. Tugce. Since it is a technique that I have heard for the first time, I was worried about its usefulness, but there are more changes than I expected already. You will be the architect of my beautiful smile after the treatment, Ms. Tugce, thank you very much in advance for everything.
B. N.
Since I didn't have my teeth pulled when I was little, I had too many double teeth, when we took care of them, we came to Tuğçe Abla and we started the treatment that lasted for 2 years. My teeth were very crooked and I had an impacted tooth problem. It sounds scary when you say braces, but I've never experienced such a process. Everyone in the polyclinic was very friendly and took good care of us. It was fun to choose the color of the bracket tires with Tuğçe Abla. Apart from that, I did not have to undergo impacted tooth surgery as the treatment process went very well and there was no problem, and my teeth came out without any problems. After my braces came off, the result was really very nice. My teeth were very straight and were like pearls. Thanks again to everyone.
An excellent clinic indeed. You can entrust your teeth with confidence, with their friendly welcome and very nice attending doctors. I would also like to thank Tuğçe Hanım. Both in terms of personality and work ethic. 
Melike P.
I had very crooked teeth, I was very afraid of braces. Thanks to Tuğçe, I learned about the existence of a transparent plaque and decided to try it. His interest and positivity in this process made me feel very comfortable. It can be proof that you will go to a dentist with love. I can say that I have met someone who is always smiling and patient. I am very pleased I HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
I was very unhappy with my teeth, but I couldn't dare to have it done and when I went to Tuğçe Hanım for the first time, she was so loving that all my fears were gone. At first, I realized that I could trust him. He is a very friendly, knowledgeable doctor, most importantly, very interested. After 1.5 years of treatment, I had such a beautiful set of teeth with my braces coming out.. I would like to thank him for being with me throughout the whole process.. He is a physician that every person considering braces treatment should go to..
My child had a jaw problem and teeth disorder. We started treatment with Tuğçe. About the end of our treatment, my child's self-confidence was restored. She listened and answered our questions with interest in our appointment. She loves her job. We go to the feared place by counting the days. Thank you very much to her and her employees.
I had braces fitted because my teeth were crooked. At the end of 1.5 years, my treatment was over and my teeth were very beautiful. Thank you very much Tuğçe, I wish you success for her smiling face, sweet language and warmth.
My son had a jaw problem. We went to Ms. Tuğçe on her recommendation. She welcomed us with her smiling face and positive energy and we had a very excellent treatment process. Value of her effort is priceless. Our treatment is over for my son, he has a very nice tooth structure. It's my little girl's turn. I recommend her wholeheartedly. good luck with your efforts
Tuğçe, whom I applied for orthodontic treatment, may be the sweetest dentist I know. She asks if we are good in every procedure she does and it is a painless session with a smiling face. We ended my treatment today, a treatment that lasted 2 years, without having any problem. I'm very happy with all the procedure. Thank you very much for your efforts and kindness and I recommend it.
C. I.
Patient Testimonials

About Us

DDS, Merve Altuntas
Prosthodontist and Aesthetic Dentist

She graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Dentistry in 2013. She started her specialty education in İzmir Katip Celebi University, Faculty of Dentistry, Department of Prosthetic Dentistry in July, 2014 and completed it in June, 2018. She continued to work in various clinics as a prosthodontist for 3 years. Since June 2021, she continues to serve her patients in Izmir Triodent Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic, of which she is one of the founding partners. Participating in many congresses and symposiums on Prosthesis and Oral Implantology at home and abroad, Altuntas is also a member of EDAD (Turkish Academy of Esthetic Dentistry), TPID (Turkish Prosthodontics and Implantology Association), ITI (International Team for Implantology) and Turkish Dental Association (TDB)

DDS, Phd Erim Bozkurt 
Gum Diseases and Treatments 

He graduated from Yeditepe University Faculty of Dentistry in 2011. After working in private clinics for 2 years, he completed his specialty education in İzmir Katip Celebi University Faculty of Dentistry Department of Periodontology in 2013 and received his doctorate in 2022. Since June 2021, he continues to serve his patients in İzmir Triodent Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic, of which he is one of the founding partners. He participated in many congresses and symposiums on Periodontology and Implantology at home and abroad.

DDS, Tugce Kocak Bozkurt

She graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Dentistry in 2012. She started her specialty education in İzmir Katip Celebi University Department of Orthodontics in 2013 and completed it in 2018. Since June 2021, she continues to serve her patients in İzmir Triodent Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic, of which she is one of the founding partners. She has participated in many congresses and symposiums in the field of Orthodontics at home and abroad. Orthodontist Dt. Tugce Kocak Bozkurt is a member of TDB (Turkish Dental Association), EOS (European Orthodontic Society) and TOD (Turkish Orthodontic Society)

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Ortodonti Uzmanı Diş Hekimi Tuğçe Koçak_edited.jpg
About Us


Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is defined as all of the procedures that require removing the pulp tissue, cleaning, shaping and filling the canal space with tissue-friendly canal fillers.

Composite Filling


In composite filling processes, firstly, the caries is cleaned and the filling is done with the help of rays. With the process we call bonding, teeth and composites are fixed to each other. The next step is polishing.

Transparent Plaque Treatments (Invisalign treatment)

Invisalign clear aligners (aligners) are one of the aesthetic orthodontic treatment options that are designed specifically for the patient, can be inserted and removed by the patient, and are almost invisible from the outside, with thinness and transparency.

Tooth Extractions


Anesthesia is administered in the form of injection to the patient who is examined, imaging procedures are performed and tooth extraction is decided. The injection dose is determined by the physician according to the procedure. After the area is completely numb, the tooth extraction process takes place. During the procedure, patients do not feel any pain or pain due to the numbness of the area.

Dental Prosthesis Care

You will be taught how to care for your prosthesis and how to use it longer and hygienically.

Removable Prosthesis

They are appliances that are used in the treatment of one or more missing teeth, that the patient can easily put on and take off whenever they want, and that have missing teeth.

Zirconium Coating

In this method, which has all the desired features such as aesthetic expectation, providing naturalness and functional resistance, white zirconium is used as a substrate instead of metal. Porcelains with zirconium material; It is important for us that it is natural enough to be preferred on the front teeth and strong enough to be used on the back teeth. Zirconium, which is the closest infrastructure material to natural appearance, allows light permeability due to the absence of a metal substance in its infrastructure. This situation does not create a gray image and the closest appearance to natural teeth is obtained with zirconium treatment.

Laminate Veneers

With this method, bad appearances in the anterior region of the teeth are corrected and an aesthetic appearance is created. Among other treatment options, staining, crookedness and disproportionate teeth can be proportioned and corrected. In this process, the type of treatment we perform the bonding process consists of ceramic materials and will give the patient an aesthetically beautiful appearance. It is an advanced method that can be used in order not to spoil the aesthetic appearance of the tooth. Laminate veneers are similar to tooth structure.

Implant Top Prostheses

Implant prostheses are known as fixed or movable prostheses, which are placed on the implant and supported by the implant.

Aesthetic Filling

Aesthetic filling is to obtain a more natural and aesthetic smile design by using composite material on the teeth and filling material with the color of the person's tooth. The composite filling is halogen-cured and chemically bonded to the tooth.

Smile Aesthetics

While designing the smile, besides the evaluation of the teeth and gums, the amount of incisors and gingiva exposed during the smile, the smile arc, and the width of the cheek corridors are evaluated.

Teeth Clenching and Grinding Treatments

Since teeth clenching and grinding occur involuntarily and depending on psychology, it can be treated by psychiatrists. The dentist, on the other hand, can prevent the symptoms and the condition of the teeth from getting worse. The dentist may apply various exercises and drug treatments in such cases. But along with this, psychological treatments should also be applied. Which Treatments Can Be Applied? Plaques may be recommended to be worn at night to prevent the continuation of tooth clenching. These plaques will be successful for treatment. If it is not enough in the treatment of people, additional drugs may be recommended. In addition, psychological therapies can be applied. If the patient has missing teeth, prosthetic treatments can be applied.

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